I started this blog because I was getting tired of having to Google everything I needed or wanted to know about IT projects – whether it was how to set up a basic web-server, or how to configure Active Directory in Windows 2003 Server.  So often the resources I found either didn’t know how to do the things I wanted or needed to do, or their suggestions simply didn’t work, or they were so convoluted that no sane person would ever figure out what the hell they were talking about!

So hopefully I, and others, will be able to offer some step-by-step solutions to common, or not so common problems.  The key here is step-by-step.  So often I see so-called instructions saying do this to that XYZ and use a WMA-gizmo to get the BFD-dodDad to work… without saying EXACTLY how you’re supposed to do that, nor what the heck WMA or BFD mean?  If you’re going to use an Acronym, please use the phrase first and then the acronym afterwords.  For example:  “When setting up Group Policy Objects (GPO’s) you may want to consider creating your Organiztional Units (OU’s) first.”  Then go on to describe what an Organizational Unit is in Active Directory (AD) and what it’s meant to mirror in “real life” (RL).

This may be a lot to ask, and a lot of folks might complain that if someone is in the IT field they should already know what these acronyms are and how they’re related – well this is a n00b site, so No, the readers might not know what all that stuff means nor how it’s related, and it shouldn’t be assumed that they do…


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